Nagauta Bachi size L

style: Nagauta

blade: flexible


  • weight: 99 g
  • blade: 10,6 cm
  • length: 19,7 cm
  • hilt width (bottom end): 2,6 cm
  • hilt height (bottom end): 2,4 cm


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This slightly used plastic bachi has a regular blade. Due to its dimensions and weight I recommend it for larger hands. The corners show slight signs of use. It is rather heavy.

This type of bachi is usually used for Nagauta style. Plastic is a common choice for students as the classical ivory bachi that are used for performances by advanced players are hard to come by and very pricey.

  • weight: 168,70 g
  • blade: 11,3 cm
  • length: 20,3 cm
  • hilt width (bottom end): 2,8 cm
  • hilt height (bottom end): 2,6 cm