Jiuta Bachi Box

  • orange with golden swirls and flowers
  • size fits Jiuta bachi


  • Length: 28 cm
  • Width: 17 cm
  • Height: 4,5 cm


In stock


The safest way to store your bachi: the bachi box.

What’s this for? Keep your bachi safe with this stylish and beautiful item. There’s no safer way to transport and store your bachi than with this sturdy bachi box. And the best thing about it: It fits not just one, but two bachi! So you can have your backup bachi at hand and know it’s safe wherever you are. Plus there’s some extra compartments for your koma, strings, and yubisuri. Past are the days from your small items flying around aimlessly and dangerously in your shamisen case! Keep your things beautifully organized and safe with this bachi box.

About this item: Beautiful and barely used bachi box! If you fancy some luxurious bling, have a closer look! I think the generous golden swirls look gorgeous and absolutely stunning!

Definitely one of the most beautiful ways to protect your beloved bachi.