Dougomu | adhesive | blue

Adhesive dougomu to put on the underside of your shamisen’s dou/soundbox. Durable material with excellent anti-slip qualities. Placement depending on your style of playing. Enjoy playing without distracting slipping and sliding of your instrument and never get annoyed about a slipped hizagomu again.

The rubber pad is flexible enough to go around the corner of the dou for Tsugaru style playing.


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Stick one of these long-lasting adhesive dougomu directly to your instrument and have it ready to play at any time without having to search for your little loose hizagomu (rubber pad) that likes to hide and get lost too easily. Place it on the underside of your dou or around the lower corner, depending on your style of playing.

If you have ever experienced tense posture and discomfort due to a shifting or slipping instrument, I highly recommend purchasing a hizagomu or dougomu. Not only will your posture improve, but you will notice a pleasant change in sound as well. These dougomu have an adhesive backside and are the perfect companion for those players who don’t want to fiddle with a loose rubber mat and have their instrument ready to play at any time and in any weird position. These rubber pads have a fantastic grippy surface and keep your instrument in place when playing. Choose your favorite color to match the style of your shamisen.