Futozao Shamisen Set “Frank”

style: futozao, tsugaru

package includes:

  • futozao shamisen (fingerboard: 30,25 sao width: 31,75 mm, height: 33,75 mm)
  • synthetic back and front skins
  • neo
  • doukake
  • tenjin cap
  • bachigawa
  • dougomu
  • strings
  • BONUS: “Monsters of Shamisen” album “Stellar”


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This beginner futozao shamisen comes at an unbeatable price. It looks like it has been pieced together from two different shamisen, which mainly shows in the fact that the spike is covered in a metal fitting wheres the matching counterpart ring on the dou is lacking. Does it make a difference? Just for the eyes! Does anyone notice it? Hardly! Because that part of the shamisen is not only covered by the neo (string holder), but it’s also pointing downward when you’re in playing position. And the fit is fantastic! Frank has been thoroughly tried out and is ready to make you happy!

As an extra bonus, you get the fantastic shamisen album “Stellar” by “Monsters of Shamisen” as an extra gift <3

The instrument comes with a purple neo and a matching  purple doukake. Also included in the package are a set of fresh strings, a dougomu, a bachigawa (skin protector), and a tenjin cap. The fingerboard is in super duper condition, and a unique treat is the white kamigoma (made from an unidentified, very hard material – maybe stone?!).

The dou is skinned with synthetic skins of an older generation but with a good tension. Synthetic skins make the shamisen a lot less sensitive to rain, humidity or instable climate.

The fingerboard is 30,25 mm wide, the neck is 31,75 mm wide and 33,75 mm high at the top and widens slightly towards the dou. Its hatomune – the part where the neck enters the sound box – ends in a sharp edge that makes it possible to play up to position 20 and slightly beyond on this instrument.

The ebio (the curved end of the tenjin) is in perfect condition. The neck is crafted in mitsuori style: It can be separated into three pieces and makes travelling with the instrument super easy even if you have to travel with small luggage. The joints are very well crafted which will provide an extra tight fit.

All you need to add to your set to start playing are a koma, a bachi and a yubisuri. They’re not included in the package because they should match your built and style for maximum comfort and fun.

If you need help with picking the right additions to this set, don’t hesitate to send a message and we will find the perfect match for you together.