Hizagomu | double-face

  • 13,25 x 10,75 cm
  • bi-color
  • non-adhesive


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These hizagomu have different colors on the front and back side to double the fun. The material is very sturdy and especially long-lasting. There’s also a symbol embossed on each side.

Hizagomu are placed on your thigh to prevent the shamisen from slipping.

If you have ever experienced tense posture and discomfort due to a shifting or slipping instrument, I highly recommend purchasing a hizagomu or dougomu.

These hizagomu are non-adhesive and are the perfect companion for those players who don’t want to glue anything to their beloved instrument. These little rubber pads have a very grippy texture that keep your instrument in place. The size is just perfect – it’s small enough to not be visible to the audience but big enough to make it easy to use because you don’t have to pinpoint the little pad with the dou.