Hizagomu | non-adhesive, extra thin

Non-adhesive hizagomu. Very durable material with excellent anti-slip qualities. Place it on your thigh under your shamisen and enjoy playing without distracting slipping and sliding of your instrument.

With a love for detail: beautiful embossed bachi and different textures on underside and topside for highest comfort and performance.


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These hizagomu are placed on your thigh to prevent the shamisen from slipping.

If you have ever experienced tense posture and discomfort due to a shifting or slipping instrument, I highly recommend purchasing a hizagomu or dougomu.

These hizagomu are non-adhesive and are the perfect companion for those players who don’t want to glue anything to their beloved instrument. These little rubber pads have an extremly grippy texture that keep your instrument in place. The size is just perfect – it’s small enough to not be visible to the audience but big enough to make it easy to use because you don’t have to pinpoint the little pad with the dou.

The material’s weight and texture ensure a steady placement on your thigh, even when lifting or repositioning the shamisen during play and practice.

The embossed bachi add the little extra that will make this hizagomu your new favorite accessory. Thanks to its excellent durability, it will be accompany you on your musical journey for a long, long time.