Nagauta Notation | Nagauta Tehodoki Shuu – Introductory pieces to Nagauta Shamisen

  • Nagauta style
  • five songs
  • easy-to-read bunkafu (tabulature) notation
  • Japanese lyrics included


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Collection of introductory pieces for Nagauta Shamisen. Includes the five popular songs “Yoi wa machi”, “Godairiki”, “Kurokami”, “Takao”, and “Kotobuki”. Learn how to play these with this score book in bunkafu (tabulature) notation.

Please note: There’s one dark smudge on the inside of the back cover.

Wanna have a quick listen? Get a first impression over here: Listen to a version of “Yoi wa Machi”, “Godairiki“, “Kurokami“, “Takao“, and “Kotobuki“.