Tsugaru Bachi size XS

style: tsugaru

blade: firm


  • weight: 129 g


In stock


Pre-owned extra small plastic bachi for Tsugaru playing style. This bachi is especially small and will be most comfortable for players with small hands. The previous owner sanded the blade down a bit, so there’s still some matte sandpaper marks.

If you’re just starting out with playing the shamisen: It’s pretty common that the bachi feels a bit weird at the beginning. But it should not cause any pain – neither in wrist nor in any of the fingers of your bachi hand. Please make sure not to grip the bachi handle when playing but to have the bachi wedged in your hand in a relaxed way (I know, it’s hard! But that really is the key to a healthy swing, painless play and a great tone).

If the handle feels too wide and/or long, you can saw it off and sand it down. Never accept pain 🙂 If you have questions, feel free to reach out.