Tsugaru Doukake with Mother of Pearl

Tsugaru sized doukake with mother of pearl. Tsugaru Lacquer design.

Straps included.


Out of stock


Stunning doukake for Tsugaru Shamisen sized dou. Super traditional and classy. The laqcuering of this Tsugaru Lacquer style doukake incorporates mother of pearl flakes. The mainly green backdrop is contrasted by red, black and yellow. The tenjin cap has cracked on the side which is why I didn’t include it in this offer. If you want it anyways, I will include it for free (please leave a note during the ordering process).

If you’re in love with Japanese tradition, this is definitely the right doukake for you! Tsugaru laqcuer is a highly esteemed craftwork that involves a long and beautiful crafting process.

With this doukake set your shamisen will look even more beautiful. What a feast for the eyes!