Tsugaru Doukake Set

Tsugaru sized doukake and tenjin cap set. Tsugaru Lacquer design.

Straps included.


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Stunning doukake for Tsugaru Shamisen sized dou. With Tsugaru Lacquer style design. Black, dark green, red and yellow on gold-brown. I love the greenish feel and the gold in the brown. This doukake has been used and has some very subtle surface scratches that are only visible when you get really, really close. The tenjin cap shows some considerable wear (which means it has done a good job so far!).

Show the world how much you love your shamisen with this stunningly gorgeous doukake and tenjin cap. It glistens in the light and gleams in the dark – I think it looks exactly the way playing shamisen feels. Powerful, intense, deep, fantastic!

With this doukake set your shamisen will look even more beautiful. What a feast for the eyes!