Tsugaru Shamisen Set | Kazuki

package includes:

  • futozao shamisen (sao width: 31 mm, height: 34 mm)
  • freshly skinned with hibiki synthetic skins
  • neo
  • doukake with mother-of-pearl inlays
  • tenjin cap
  • dougomu
  • strings


In stock


Ready to experience the full power of authentic Tsugaru Shamisen? Then this is your match! Kazuki has a sturdy neck and will feel super great if you have larger hands! So if you consider yourself a tall person: go for it!

This instrument is made from shitan wood – a traditional high-end hardwood for shamisen making. In fact, before koki-wood came up, it was the top choice. It gives the instrument a bright and full tone.

The instrument comes with a vibrant blue neo and a black vintage doukake with a mother of pearl inlays. Some have chipped off – but it’s still an absolute looker! Also included in the package are a set of fresh strings, a tenjin cap, and a dougomu. The dou is skinned with Hibiki – the newest generation of synthetic skins with a warm tone that’s closer to the sound of natural skins than any of its predecessors. Hibiki skin is extremely durable and robust. In comparison to natural skin, you don’t have to worry about humidity or sudden rain when playing the shamisen outdoors (you’ll still want to try to avoid both to protect the wood though). This means, you won’t need to use a washi bag to protect your shamisen’s skin.

Why the great price, you ask? Two things: One joint spike is cracked – but it’s still fully functional. It’s a cosmetic issue that’s not even seen or otherwise noticed when the instrument is assembled. Repairing this would have been possible but really arduous, thus pushing the price up. I thought: If I kept it for myself, I would leave it like that. Because the instrument still plays absolutely the same. So I left it as is 🙂 Yet I need to lower the price due to that imperfection. Second: there’s a small dent in the fingerboard (see photos) – again, a purely cosmetic little thing that’s not getting in the way at all. So there you go! A sweet discount has materialized itself!

Now here’s some more specifications:

This neck is 31 mm wide and 34 mm high at the top and widens slightly towards the dou. Its hatomune – the part where the neck enters the sound box – ends in a sharp edge that makes it possible to play up to position 20 and slightly beyond on this instrument.

The neck is crafted in mitsuori style: It can be separated into three pieces and makes travelling with the instrument super easy even if you have to travel with small luggage. The joints are very well crafted which will provide an extra tight fit.

The itomaki (tuning pegs) are made from ebony wood and are very comfortable to use due to their sturdy build.

All you need to add to your set to start playing are a koma, a bachi and a yubisuri. Yubisuri come in different sizes and colors, so you can either match your shamisen’s look or have a colorfur contrasting highlight. There’s a variety of different koma and bachi you can choose from in the shop.

If you need help with picking the right additions to this set, don’t hesitate to send a message and we will find the perfect match for you together!