Tsugaru Shamisen Set | Kenji

package includes:

  • futozao shamisen (sao width: 31mm, height: 34 mm)
  • Skinned with natural skins
  • neo
  • doukake
  • tenjin cap
  • dougomu
  • strings


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Shield your eyes from the gleam and sparkle of this utterly gorgeous Tsugaru Shamisen! This instrument is simply stunning. And it’s super special, too. Let me let you in on its special secrets: Not easy to spot unless you squint really hard at it: The fingerboard is an additional layer glued on top of the sao. I guess it’s extra hard to spot because it’s not only extremely shiny and pretty, but also because you can literally not feel where the wood pieces join. The neck in itself is a sensual pleasure for your eyes and your hands alike. But what surprised me most about Kenji is that there had been a joint at the bottom part of the neck, but none at the top part. So it was a two-part neck that then got transformed into a single-piece (nobezao) neck?! How did that happen? I did not find out! But this mystery sure is a very handy icebreaker should you ever be in need for a safe yet engaging small talk topic. Let the mystery stories unfold!

This instrument is made from shitan wood – a traditional high-end hardwood choice for shamisen making. Matching the wood’s hypnotizing gleam, the Tsugaru Lacquer style red and gold doukake is matched with a fiery red neo. Also included in the package are a set of attached strings, and a dougomu. The dou is skinned with natural skins with superb tension. The crisp and full tone of the shamisen is even more stunning than its looks. Yes, that’s hard to believe, but it is true nevertheless. I have been stunned by the glory of Japanese craftsmanship too many times to really be “surprised”. But I nevertheless am full of awe, stunned and delighted. The clear, powerful sound of this shamisen makes it really hard to stop playing. It’s impossible to get tired of this instrument with its gorgeous beauty in sound and look. And don’t forget how fantastic the smooth wood feels. A feast for all the senses.

Cherishing this shamisen’s beauty, make sure you take good care of it. If you don’t have one yet, it’s a good idea to get a washi bag to protect your shamisen’s skin.

What else is there to say? How about some technical specs:

This neck is 31 mm wide and 34 mm high at the top and widens slightly towards the dou. Its hatomune – the part where the neck enters the sound box – ends in a sharp edge that makes it possible to play up to position 20 and slightly beyond on this instrument.

The itomaki (tuning pegs) are made from ebony wood and are very comfortable to use due to their sturdy build.

All you need to add to your set to start playing are a koma, a bachi and a yubisuri. Yubisuri come in different sizes and colors, so you can either match your shamisen’s look or have a colorfur contrasting highlight. There’s a variety of different koma and bachi you can choose from in the shop.

If you need help with picking the right additions to this set, don’t hesitate to send a message and we will find the perfect match for you together.