Tsugaru Shamisen Set | Touji

  • futozao tsugaru shamisen
    • sao width: 33 mm
    • sao height: 34 mm
    • fingerboard: 31 mm
  • freshly skinned with hibiki synthetic skins
  • made from koki wood

also included in the set:

  • neo
  • leather doukake
  • doukake gomu
  • tenjin cap
  • dougomu
  • strings


In stock


I named this shamisen “Touji” (冬至) , which means “winter solstice” because of its black skin and overall dark design. The white itomaki remind me both of cool moonlight and – of course – of snow. I am a huge winter fan and like the peaceful vibe this name gives off. Touji’s string action is pretty low which makes it feel veeery easy to play. I recommend a not too low koma to give your bachi-hand a wider range of motion on the dou. (If you don’t know why that’s mention worthy or it’s unclear, don’t hesitate to reach out. I just didn’t want to “nerd out” too hard in the product description :P)


This instrument’s neck is made from koki wood – the most sought-after wood in contemporary shamisen culture.

Accessories and Skins:

The instrument comes with a vibrant purple neo and a black vintage leather doukake. The leather shows some signs of wear which reflects the many stories this instrument has to tell. I attached a black doukake gomu to give it some extra grip and make it even easier to hold. Also included in the package are a set of fresh strings, a tenjin cap, and a dougomu. The dou is skinned with Hibiki – the newest generation of synthetic skins with a warm tone that’s closer to the sound of natural skins than any of its predecessors. Hibiki skin is extremely durable and robust. In comparison to natural skin, you don’t have to worry about humidity or sudden rain when playing the shamisen outdoors (you’ll still want to try to avoid both to protect the wood though). This means, you won’t need to use a washi bag to protect your shamisen’s skin.


This neck is 33 mm wide and 34 mm high at the top and widens slightly towards the dou. The fingerboard is 31 mm wide at the narrow end. Its hatomune – the part where the neck enters the sound box – ends in a sharp edge that makes it possible to play up to position 20 and slightly beyond on this instrument. I left the markings on the side of the neck (see photos) from the previous owner because I think they are pretty useful. The fingerboard is heavenly smooth and lets you glide along the neck like an eagle soaring on a current of wind!


The itomaki (tuning pegs) are made from an unknown mysterious material! They’re nice and heavy like zouge and very hard. I like heavy itomaki because they give the shamisen’s head some weight – but that’s personal preference. They look super cool for sure and are a sweet contrast to the dark overall design of Touji.


The tsukigata (the curved end of the tenjin) is in perfect condition, and the instrument’s wood has a luscious deep color and beautiful grain. The neck is crafted in mitsuori style: It can be separated into three pieces and makes travelling with the instrument super easy even if you have to travel with small luggage. The joints are very well crafted which will provide an extra tight fit. They come together with a very satisfying “clack” – if you don’t know what that means: it’s a very good thing and you’re gonna love it!


All you need to add to your set to start playing are a koma, a bachi and a yubisuri. Yubisuri come in different sizes and colors, so you can either match your shamisen’s look or have a colorfur contrasting highlight. There’s a variety of different koma and bachi you can choose from in the shop.

If you need help with picking the right additions to this set, don’t hesitate to send a message and we will find the perfect match for you together!