Tuning Pitch Pipe (low)

  • low pitch pipe
  • chromatic tuning



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Round pitch pipe by the brand “Tonbo”. You might have seen players use this handy little round item on stage when tuning their instruments. Almost every player has one. I prefer pitch pipes and tuning forks to electric tuning devices that just display how far your tuning is from the desired pitch. Hearing a reference sound gives orientation and schools your ears. It also looks very cool on stage.

This pitch pipe comes in two different pitch ranges. This pitch pipe is the lower kind, starting on A. It is a chromatic pitch pipe, meaning that it covers every halftone step in a full octave. Mechanically, it is a circular mouth organ. Isn’t life without batteries just so much more relaxed?? Just pick whatever pitch you need, place your lips at the corresponding pipe and give it a gentle blow. You will be rewarded with a warm and gentle toot to guide your tuning!