Yubisuri | finger slider / finger pants

  • hand-crafted in Berlin
  • Sizes S, M, L
  • 75% wool, 25% polyamide
  • custom sizes/colors available

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The yubisuri is a standard accessory for shamisen players. Yet many people still don’t know that it’s an integral part of a shamisen player’s setup.

The yubisuri consists of two finger loops, connected by a flexible bridge. That’s why I like to compare it with a hammock (for your sao) or pants (for your fingers.

It helps you move comfortably up and down the neck of your shamisen with minimal friction. You will immediately notice how skipping positions and executing slides feels completely effortless.



The shami-shop yubisuri are hand-crafted in Berlin, made from 75% wool 25% polyamide yarn.


The model:

I prefer having a slender loop around the index finger despite wide loops being the standard for Tsugaru Shamisen yubisuri. If you insist on a thick loop for the index finger, that can be arranged. But the thinner loop makes playing the thin string san no ito easier in my experience.

If you have special colormix/pattern requests, please email us at hello@shami-shop.com



The three standard sizes are S, M, and L. S is the right size for slender fingers and not too big hands. M fits stronger fingers. Size L is the right size for large and muscular hands. If you’re in doubt which size is best for you, send us a short message and we’re happy to help.

If you are looking for special sizes (such as kid’s sizes), we can craft you custom-made yubisuri to perfectly fit your needs.