Wooden Bachi size S – refurbished

style: Tsugaru

blade: medium flexible


  • weight: 107 g
  • blade: 9,5 cm
  • length: 16,3 cm
  • hilt width (bottom end): 21 mm
  • hilt height (bottom end): 19 mm


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I remodeled this bachi into an extra small Tsugaru-sized model. It’s perfect for smaller hands. The corners are nice and pointy and the blade is medium flexible.

Wooden Bachi are usually used in Nagauta practice. Personally, I think they are great for styles like Minyo as well, because the wood is just so comfortable in your hand and the flexibility of the blade creates a nice snap. For Tsugaru style the blade can’t take the impact of extended stretches of intense hitting. So I recommend this as a beginner bachi when you’re still working out the basic bachi strike and are not going all out with outdoors performance full power mode. The smoothness of the material and the low weight make it easier for your hand to get used to holding the bachi – which just feels weird in the beginning!

Being made of wood, it’s also very easy to adjust the hilt length, width or height in case you want to make it fit your hand even better.