Bachi Clutch

size fits Nagauta, Minyo, Tsugaru bachi


  • Length: 26 cm
  • Height long side: 13,5 cm
  • Height short side: 8,5 cm


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The most elegant way to store your bachi: the bachi clutch.

What’s this for? Keep your bachi safe with this stylish and beautiful item. The traditional Japanese patterns add an extra layer of Wow to your shamisen accessories. Apart from looking stunning, the bachi clutch helps you keep your beloved bachi from flying around aimlessly and dangerously in your shamisen case when you’re on the road, and makes it easy to locate your bachi at home when getting your instrument out for practice.

About this item: This bachi clutch is in mint condition. A very elegant design with a sakura and water (or wind?) motif. I would describe the background color as a gentle rose.