Gigbag | blue

used simple gigbag/softcase for shamisen

Best suitable for hosozao, but also suitable for slender chuuzao size.

  • color: blue
  • no padding
  • zipper


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This is the most simple kind of shamisen gigbag you can get. It is a very minimalistic lightweight option for transporting your shamisen. Hosozao will fit best, but  Chuuzao should usually be fine, too.

There’s no padding on the inside, so you got to be extra careful when using this kind of softcase. The lack of padding makes it easy to fold and put away when you’re not using it.

The zipper runs along the long side and there’s a little belt on the outside to tighten the sleeve around your shamisen’s neck and prevent the shamisen from slipping around. The handle is also fashioned in a simple way.