Gigbag | Tsugaru/Futozao size

gigbag/softcase for shamisen

Suitable for futozao size (such as Tsugaru Shamisen)

  • color: blue
  • generous padding
  • two-way zipper
  • backpack straps
  • front bag for bachi and other small items


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This brand new gigbag is an excellent choice if you want to your futozao sized shamisen on a back and/or a hardcase feels too heavy for you. This softcase is very well padded and super convenient because it has backpack straps that can be stored away behind a zipper on the back of the bag. I personally use this model, too, and am delighted by the quality and comfort.

The blue version is the exact same as the black version – except for the color. I added a couple the black bag’s photos to the gallery because I forgot to take them for the blue one, so don’t be surprised 😛

The quality of this bag is truly exquisite. The padding can be removed in case you need to throw the bag into the washing machine. The backpack straps are padded as well and make even a heavy instrument comfortable to carry on your back. The handles for carrying the bag in your hand have some extra padding, too.

The two-way-zipper goes from the bottom around the top corner and makes it super easy and comfortable to put your shamisen in and take it out. The additional pouch on the front side will hold your bachi and all the other small items you need.

A cool extra is the set of feet at the bottom of the bag so you can set down your shamisen when waiting for the train etc. without being worried about dirty floors and such.

If you need a gigbag for your Tsugaru shamisen, I highly recommend this one. Yet, it won’t keep your sweet little one as safe as a hardcase. So please pay extra attention when running around with a softcase.