Tsugaru Longcase | maroon with silver

Used hardcase suitable for Futozao / Tsugaru shamisen.

Black outer shell and red velvet lining.

Product dimensions (outer):

  • Length: 108 cm
  • Width: 27 cm

Product dimensions (inner):

  • length: 105,5 cm
  • width: 25,5 cm

3 clasps, with keys


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This used hardcase has extra padding for the dou (soundbox) and an extra large compartment that will easily fit all the accessories you need for playing – and more. Sheet music, bachi, koma, spare strings, cleaning cloth, snacks, pencils, there’s enough space for everything!

It is Futozao/Tsugaru Shamisen sized, but of course smaller shamisen will fit as well. There’s extra feet on the bottom short side of the case which makes it safe and easy to store it in an upright position as well. Not all the clasps are closing super duper tightly, so if you have a knack for improving things, that would be a spot to look at.

Not having to take your instrument apart to transport it is a huge game changer, because you’re always ready to whip out your shamisen and play. Keeping your instrument assembled means it practically stays in tune. The hard shell keeps your instrument safe from people, doors and sneaky corners attempting to bump into your shamisen.