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Restored Shamisen

Making shamisen available to a broader audience is a passion project of mine. In Europe, the biggest hurdle is getting your hands on an instrument. With these restored used shamisen you can get high quality shamisen to a reasonable price and head out on your shamisen adventure without breaking the bank.  I restore used and broken shamisen to give them a second (or third, or fourth?) live and treasure those pieces of art. May they find a loyal friend and partner and bring music and happiness into this world!


Everyone needs to replace their strings from time to time. Choose between silk and synthetic material and pick from different thread sizes.


The mobile bridge is essential to bringing life to your shamisen, playing with different kinds of koma for different settings and occasions is a real treat.


Elegant in shape, complex in handling, and a great conversation starter, the bachi is a fascinating part of the shamisen. Pick from different materials, sizes and styles.

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Other Accessories

Find useful accessories for your shamisen to elevate your play or doll up your shamisen. Instructional short videos for every item in the product descriptions!

Shamisen cases

Keep your shamisen happy and safe wherever you are with a sturdy shamisen case. Choose from longcases, mitsuori cases or soft cases.  

Storing & Care

Cleaning and storing your shamisen properly will prolong its life and beauty. Keep your small items organized and stored away safely with beautiful boxes and clutches!


Get an overview over the characteristic differences between the major different shamisen styles and shop shamisen and accessories by style.

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Music Scores

Printed Shamisen and Shakuhachi scores. Notation systems vary between genres and instruments, but every system can be learned, so enjoy the variety of genres and styles.