If you want to get your instrument checked or repaired, send me an e-mail and let’s talk! I do not offer reskinning at the moment and repair services are not available all year round, so get in touch and we’ll see what can be done.

The Process

1. Take photos

Take photos of the damaged parts of your Shamisen and send them along with a short description to I will then examine your case. 

2. Receive estimate

Based on the pictures received and probably some further conversation with you about the damage, you will receive an estimate for the expected costs.

3. Send your shamisen

Now it’s time for you to pack up your shamisen and send it to me! I’ll give you instructions on how to best pack your beloved instrument so it stays safe on the way.

4. Give your Go for repairs

Upon receiving the instrument, other things that need repair might come to attention. I’ll get in touch with you and start working on your shamisen after you give your final OK!

Common repairs

Broken joints

Joints can break from forceful impacts or they can simply seperate from age when the glue starts disintegrating.

30,00-90,00 Euro

Itomaki fitting

If your itomaki keep slipping and sliding, they might need to get refitted. The material of itomaki will naturally wear down after long use.

25,00 Euro per itomaki


Although the shamisen’s neck is made from hard wood, it will wear down eventually. If your shamisen has developed weird side noises on certain positions, that can be an indicator that the neck is in need of a make over.

210,00 Euro