Koma | Plastic

  • versatile plastic koma
  • well-rounded sound


  • plastic


product dimensions:

  • length: 70 mm
  • width: 11 mm
  • height: 9,5 mm


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Product Details

The koma is the removable bridge that lifts your strings up over the skin. Koma come in different materials, shapes and heights, which will all affect your shamisen’s sound. With the right koma you can alter your instrument’s sound and adjust it to your needs and liking.

This koma is a typical practice and beginner’s/student koma.

Make sure to always remove the koma after playing to keep your shamisen’s skins happy and tight.


product dimensions:

length: 70 mm, width: 11 mm, height: 9,5 mm

How to insert and remove the koma