Shinobi koma | wooden mute

The shinobi koma significantly dampens your instrument’s sound by diverting the strings’ vibrations away from the skin.

Perfect for practicing at night or in poorly soundproofed spaces – no more debating with your roommates and neighbors. Life can be so easy sometimes.

Suitable for all dou sizes.


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Product Details

The shinobi koma is a fantastic way to temporarily lower your shamisen’s volume. With this koma you can practice at night (or early in the morning) without bothering your roommates and neighbours.

How does it work?

The shinobi koma is so wide that is spans over the whole width of your dou and its little feet sit on the wooden frame of the soundbox. By lowering/avoiding contact with the freely vibrating skin (that is: the skin that stretches over the inside cavity of the dou), the strings’ vibration are only minimally transferred to the skin and thus sound muted.

It is a very strange sensation to hear your shamisen whisper, and playing full volume definitely sounds better, but it is a great compromise in case you need to dampen your shamisen’s sound to practice.

This shinobi koma is used and has a piece of bone inlaid in its wooden base to make it more resilient.

How to insert and remove the koma