Finding Your Match

I restorate used and broken instruments to treasure the magnificient craftsmanship of Japanese shamisen makers and to expand the access to instruments in Europe. I put a lot of time and effort into making sure that these instruments can shine again and it is a pleasure to see broken instruments come back to life, to see long forgotten instruments gleam and sparkle, eager to be played again.

Included in the shamisen sets are an adhesive dougomu, a set of strings, a neo, and a doukake. You only need to add a bachi and koma that matches your style and needs and a yubisuri in the size and color you like best to have a complete shamisen set you can start playing on.

Instrumentenstile Shamisen

Not sure what you want or need? Send me a message and I’ll try to help you find out!

The wild mix

Instruments of all builts, ages and sizes cross my way on this exciting journey. I think every single one of them is beautiful and deserves a player that treasures its beautiful shape and sound, the shade of its wood, its delicate curves. 


You will find both natural skins and synthetic skins over here in the future. I became a huge fan of synthetic skins after choosing Hibiki skin for my homemade shamisen. No matter the material, I make sure that your future shamisen has a tight skin that will provide a crips tone. 

Neck sizes

Depending on your own built and the playing style you are aiming for, you are probably going to first look at the different neck sizes available. In general, for someone with a tall or strong build, playing on a thicker neck will feel more comfortable. You can play any style on any instrument. The koma and bachi plus the playing technique make the biggest difference. But of course the different dou and neck sizes that have come to stand for certain genres and styles have developed according to the ideal sound imagined for that genre. So you’ll not get the powerful boom of a futozao-necked shamisen with a big dou from a hosozao-necked shamisen with a small dou. Consider your needs and aspirations, but don’t let outdated conventions keep you from playing!